About Us

Dear customers, we are proud to present you the exclusive products of the renowned brand JUDAICA LEATHERS

As is well known, in recent years, tallit and tefillin cases have become luxury products, made of fine leather, with unique and elegant designs and models, to comply with what the passuk ZE ​​KELI VEHANVEHU says - to have the honor of beautifying MITZVOT

JUDAICA LEATHERS aims to produce unique and spectacular cases / covers

What sets Judaica Leathers tallit and tefillin bags apart? The answer is the commitment and special dedication to every detail throughout the production process, from the choice of skins to the creation of the perfect bag.

Argentine leather is considered worldwide for being the most genuine and high quality, thanks to the fine grazing of cattle. This is where the first stage of the process begins, when we carefully select the finest skins, skins that at the end of the process will serve for a sacred service, while preserving and protecting the tallit and tefillin of Jews around the world.
The sewing process is also carried out with special dedication. We do not use a production line, but each bag is sewn by itself, with an emphasis on every detail, so that the final product is of the highest quality.
At the end of the work, after the bag is ready, it goes through a quality control, during which every detail is checked: the seams, the zipper, the embossing and more… Only after the product has passed all the tests , goes to a yehudi who will use it every morning in the synagogue.
We also manufacture a wide variety of religious products and all of genuine leather, such as challah covers, case for lulav, megilla, small box for tefillin and much more.